Educational Facility Program

Lanikai Farms is a state-of-the-art facility open to schools for field trips (grades 5-12.) Students are taught the basics of fish farming for sustainable agriculture in a small or large space. The educational facility was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Sea Grant's Pacific Tropical Ornamental Fish Program (PTOFP), and the Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii.

Lloyd Fischel, a serial entrepreneur, created the instructional method that is hands-on, and covers water quality and filtration, and concepts of protein production for one's home and large scale commercial breeding for the more advanced classes. One or two hour educational sessions must be scheduled at least a month in advance. Lanikai Farms is wheelchair friendly.

"I learned so much and in such a fun way about how farms can grow fish using rain captured from building runoff as we saw at Lanikai Farms." - Jennifer Lopez, Junior High School Student

We now know how to grow fish in the smallest home yard." - Lenore Harrington, High School Teacher

"This is a good facility for learning how to grow fish in a sustainable manner." - Robert Howerton, Sea Grant Professor, Maui Community College

Japanese Vistiors (2014). Grammatophylum speciosum, the largest in N. America, is directly behind.

Sobraila orchid in ground blooming splendidly (2014)

Fragrant Dendrobium anosmum mounted on Royal Palm (2014)

Students from Victoria Junior College, Singapore happily...2013

Maui students gain much from the field trip to Lanikai Farms.

Roots Maui School - Learning in the orchid nursery

White Phalaenopsis

Roots Maui School - 2011

Roots Maui School - Examining worm farms

Cornerstone School Field Trip - March, 2012

Cornerstone School - Raquel Werk, Teacher

Lahaina Luna High School

4-H Club

Oahu Culinary Institute Visitors, 2011 Oahu Culinary Institute Visitors, 2011
Visiting students from France, Pakistan, Brazil Visiting students from France, Pakistan and Brazil, 2010
Kaneko Kaneko's Beauty' in magnificent blow was named after the Japanese peace leader Kaneko Ikeda, wife of Buddhist philosopher and educator Daisaku Ikeda.
Up-Country Sustainability Association, July 2010 Up-Country Sustainability Association, July 2010

The fish growing system at Lanikai Farms can be duplicated in a very confined area -- as small as 20' long x 10' wide using readily available materials. This system can be made for less than $1,000, and it will allow you to grow edible fish all year long.

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